Coachella ! Weekend 1 - #CoachellaTour2016

First weekend of Coachella was way too hectic for words.. having to work there was.. an extremely stressful experience (lol). Oh dear. Coachella's grounds are way too huge.. you have to take a golf cart everywhere.. some places you aren't even allowed to work there.. and once it reaches a certain time.. it's just too crazy. 

Lot's of red tape as well.. No video allowed, and they're serious about it. Shot some video on stage during Protoje's performance, only to get paged side stage and they made me delete the videos (the alternative was having my equipment seized... and I wasn't feeling that) + I was only really allowed to shoot during Protoje's set. Nah lie.. stress level was way up there (but i'll do better next weekend).

The best thing I thought to do was to really just snap my experience, and download it and upload it here so that maybe you can get a better understanding of the vibes beyond what words could say

If this presentation suits you (lol), you can follow my snapchat: TheTherapistSOL also, follow Protoje's Snapchat: diggybritish