How to Edit ANY Photo from your CAMERA on your Smartphone (Without wifi!)

In the last tutorial, I walked you through how to take better photos with your smartphone and edit them on your smartphone, using the app snapseed. 

In this tutorial, we're taking it a step further. This tutorial assumes that you may have a camera at your disposal. A lot of modern cameras these days have some wifi features, but let's assume your camera doesn't have any of those wireless features, like the Canon T3i (as seen in video), a great entry level camera, but lacks any wireless feature. 

There's a device that can take the images from the memory card of your camera, straight to your phone, pretty much skipping your computer. It's traditionally called an OTG SD Card Reader (they sometimes go by other names). Thankfully they're very affordable ranging from 5 to 10 dollars, and they're available for both Android, and iOS devices.

OTG Card Reader.jpg

OTG Card Reader Options:
MicroUSB (Seen in the video) 
USB C Option 1 
USB C Option 2 
iOS Option 1
iOS Option 2

How it typically works is one end plugs directly into your phone, one into your computer, and there are slots on the side to receive SD and MicroSD cards. In this tutorial we wont be needing the computer, so no need to focus on that.

Take your SD card filled with your images (Jpeg, as Snapseed doesn't support all types of RAW files from other cameras 😓), and plug it in the reader. While the card is still in the reader, plug it into your phone (n.b. for iOS Users, for most cases, there is a companion app for your specific reader that must be used so you can add the files to your camera roll. ). Open up the reader and take the images you want off the card and unto your phone! It's that easy!

From here, it's just a matter of editing the image to your taste in whichever app you prefer, in this tutorial we used the free app Snapseed, In the video tutorial, there's a quick edit of the images, if you're curious (Here's a tutorial on how to use it). Once you're done editing, you can share to the social media platform of your choice!

Here's the results from my shoot in the video!

Snapseed (Totally Free!)
Android (Play store):
iOS (App Store):

Also, The Canon T3i is a great budget entry level camera, that I would recommend to those interested in getting their first camera and learning photography. It's a few years old, so it's a very affordable price used and refurbished on Amazon.