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Show day in LA, Spent the day around the place being a tourist. Went to Rodeo Drive to check the strip 

Sister and Brother

Linked up with LA Creative Director and Stylist; Joseph (Right) and Ruslan (Left), owner of streetwear label SSUR

-Golden Rolling Papers-
provided by SSUR

Returned to my favourite, favourite vegan restaurant in LA - Vegan glory! my third time here, and this here is my favourite thing to get there. Vegan Beef Jerky, made from seitan. So delicious. I myself am not vegan, but this is amazing. 

Total sidenote: I've gotten messages, both lighthearded and serious regarding vegan food that resembles meat, or is made to taste like meat.. and issues folks have with that. For those who are serious........ come on. the logic is simple.. people who used to eat MEAT like how MEAT tastes, and for whatever reason, decided to no longer eat meat... but they still like how meat tastes.. so obviously this for them. Peeps... how are you going to increasingly moralize an already moral decision. No animals are dying.. S E K K L E

Plus, I eat chicken, and chicken fi dead.

The show itself... ah boy. GOOD SHOW! but the venue, echoplex, we played there last year, and just like last year- it was SO PACKED. Backstage was absolutely packed, people who i'm sure shouldn't have been around there were around there. 

When you wanna  go home

When you wanna  go home

Also on time is the 3rd Vlog! For an active look of our day in Petaluma and LA. Remember to subscribe to the channel, so in case you miss a blog, or message from me about it, you'll get a notification!

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