Bend, Oregon

So yesterday we made it to the town of Bend in cold, cold, oh so COLD Oregon. We were 30 minutes away from a very snowy mountain top. Despite that fact, at 7:30pm we had a line that extended all the way to the next block! a full house!

Oregon has the award for the loudest, rowdiest crowd thus far! It was a good vibe.

The interesting thing about concert photography for me is the unpredictability, you never know what kind of venue you'll be working with till the day. It really forces you to be creative as well as really understanding your camera, because some scenarios like last night really took some understanding. 

The stage was extremely small from what you can see in some of the photos perhaps

Additionally the lighting was straight up AWFUL! Our whole set, Protoje was washed in a dim purple light. It took a lot of post processing to tweak the white balance to get some good shots. But this is part of the job and the fun. Regardless I think I got some good representations of last night's jam!


Full gallery below, or click here - As i'm writing this from a warm hotel lobby, we are performing at Spokane in Washington (which is also cold)