San Fransisco, Fresno, Bakersfield & Arizona

For the last four shows, wifi and time wasn't a constant, also we left from the last show in Arizona and went straight to the plane, it was crazy. I dont know how you readers will feel about me bundling everything into one (pretty late) post, but amma learn today!

San Fran - The Independent

Reached a big city like San Fran, I played truant for a bit- I usually spend my days editing everything from the night before, but I couldn't be in such a booming city and not do anything.

I took my first uber (that I called myself) and went into the town...

whenever I don't have my camera in my hand I just turn into an awestruck civilian. San Fran is a lively city, I really kinda was selfish in just exploring and then took a couple shots when I was leaving the area

My view from the backseat of the Uber

The show itself was just on the outskirts of downtown at a venue called the independent. The energy was buzzing, the whole block was filled with fans trying to get in considering the show was sold out like 2 or 3 days before. There were even peeps on the outside scalping tickets, it was crazy. 

The sold out show itself was excellent

Place was so packed I couldn't even get to the front row.. felt like Jamaica.

Fresno, California - 

Woke up on the bus in what seemed like the middle of nowhere,

only to realise it was a park (lol), Fresno's venue was an outdoor amphitheater.

I love outdoor day shows, they have a totally different vibe from being inside a dark club sardined with a bunch of people.

This was probably my favourite show if i'm not mistaken (also because I had 4 or more glasses of red wine)

Bakersfield, CA

According to the Uber driver.. Bakersfield is known for oil and country music.. fun fact.

she also said the part of town we were in for the show is the "live" part of town where "everything" is.. based on what I saw was kinda hard to believe. Bakersfield in the day seemed like a quiet sunday of a town, with only an occasional car passing.

Couple phone shots:

what I had for lunch out there, a falafel on a food truck.

what I had for lunch out there, a falafel on a food truck.

the Fox Theatre in Bakersfield where we played at. Dopeness

the Fox Theatre in Bakersfield where we played at. Dopeness

some dope art in the surrounding area nearby

some dope art in the surrounding area nearby

The Fox theatre as I said is a huge indoor Theatre-Theatre, with an upstairs and downstairs, and we damn sure filled that up by showtime!

Phoenix, Arizona - Pot of Gold Festival

The last show, funnily enough wasn't a reggae festival, but more a hip hop one.

the middle of Arizona, not surprisingly the HOTTEST location, with dry air that left my chest burning. 

Shared a backstage with names like Earl Sweatshirt and Rae Sremmurd


What was particularly dope about Arizona is

you could tell that it was a majority of the audience's first time hearing Protoje, much less any Reggae from Jamaica.

it was a core hip hop audience that seemingly came to get wild and turn up

and they enjoyed it!

as a creative director, seeing that Protoje has high potential to cross over into markets like these- perform before the likes of Earl, Sremm and Big Sean and not fall on deaf ears is a good sign

It was all in all a good show, plus I got to see Earl Sweatshirt and Rae Sremm live! (had to leave before Big Sean! *weeps*)

An excellent way to end a tour in my opinion!

Next Tour is in April for our short Coachella run! This was my first time keeping a consistent photo blog while travelling so I'm pretty green in the gills. I'd love some feedback as to how I did, as well as what I could have done to improve. I'm definitely gonna give a more concentrated effort for the coachella run so the feedback would really help! (One thing I know I'm gonna do for sure is save all my snaps from snapchat and repost them in the blog)

You guys can hit me up on my socials (My twitter: @TheTherapistSOL) to tell me what you think and wanna see:

All galleries from the four shows down below!

San Fran