Like Living in Brussels

We left the Netherlands via a very comfortable train ride. I love train rides over airplanes, because I really hate things like Immigration checks, security, customs, middle seats, luggage weight restriction, Turbulence, People reclining into your personal space, I could go on forever.. but these are things you usually don't have to deal with on trains. Only hurdle is bringing your luggage all the way to the train, which really isn't an issue for me. Once I get into that comfy spacious seat, I can get so much work done. Anyway!

Arriving in Brussels-Midi Station

After what felt like a too quick 90-minute train ride, we pulled in to the most familiar place in europe for me; Brussels. I was washed with a light wave of nostalgia, it's been almost a year since my last time in Brussels, but arriving there it really felt so much shorter. 

Single file off the train the whole Indiggnation was once again in Brussels, for four consecutive days off.

Grabbed a couple Taxi's and took a short drive from Midi central to the legit center of Brussels. We rented a couple apartments instead of staying in some hotels. More space, more const efficient, and defininitely more comfortable.

4 Days Living in Brussels

I decided based on feedback via social media, that people wanted to see a bit more culture and the like, so these photos are just a study of the time spent in Brussels and the things I saw, or thought were worth seeing/sharing.

This is just the living room o:

Getting work done in these spaces, despite the sub-par net (i've seen way worse)

The view from our 3rd floor apartments.

We were listening to Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 when, she played "Glad You're Home" off Royalty Free (big deal)

Paris and Kongz (DrumKeys) doing the usual late night routine.

Night time views

This one is a special gift to all my fellow sweet-tooths out there... I didn't have any because... too much sugar lol.

My favourite place in Brussels: A camera store called, they have a used section which is in a window right beside the actual store, and I'll stand in front scanning for even 30 mins, perusing and contemplating while people walk past me. The staff is very polite and cool and they remember me since I bought my Sony camera here as well.

This is a view from another of my favourite type of place- 90% of wherever you may be in Europe, you're bound to find a Kebab spot, run by middle easterns. They serve various types of portable meals: Durums - which is the wrap..., Kebab... which I believe is more of a sandwich type thing.. and then there's a plate- where you get everything but a starch if that's more your vibe. They serve Pork (Porc), Beef (Boeuf), Chicken (Poulet) and the vegetarian option is a Falafel. The food is good and cheap.. I'm always in a Kebab spot.

Shopping district in Brussels. ALWAYS crowded.

Viet-Thai restaurant we frequented often YAKI. Also, she's NOT giving Diggy the stink eye, I swear

Display inside YAKI... would you believe that this food is plastic? 

We spent our last night at home in Brussels watching the Wales versus Belgium match.. the streets were deathly quiet after the loss, humorous and sad at the same time.

At the end of this post you might ask- "Yannick, why is almost everything in black and white?"

I know I usually pride myself on providing colourful and bright images, but for this post I really wanted to give you the reader an impression of the city as well as the time spent there. I felt colour may have served as more of a distraction, than an enhancer in this case. The black and white allows you to see the scene and the story, versus the aesthetics. I included colour in an image only when I thought that the colour worked to enhance your understanding, versus taking from it. 

If you enjoy black and white photography, and want to see more, I'd recommend you check out my friend and colleague Jik-Reuben's Website as he specializes in Black and white photography