MEGA BLOG POST: Belgium, Boston, Philly, NYC & Quebec

Let me first apologize for chocking so many things into one blog post. Not being able to work on blog posts while offline (Flying, driving on the tour bus) really hits my ability to keep the blog up to date. Time passes, new photos come in, I forget what happens the daybefore.. and as you see above, we have 5 Blog posts unposted.. rolled into one. Hopefully this prooves an enjoyable read, versus a Tedious one. I'll try and keep it quick!


Festival show- Colouer Cafe in Brussels, Belgium. Our last show before heading out to the US. Interesting Venue, Interesting stage (a Vlog exists, its been edited, soon to appear on the Indiggcollective youtube page and my blog), Great show.


The first show in our North American tour was boston. It was a good vibe all around, lot's of jamaicans in the crowd came through and brought a huge vibe.. at one point I thought I went deaf.

She held this iPad up for the entirety of the show


This show went by really quick to be honest.. I don't remember that much (besides drinking a decent amount of Hennessy). Oh! The NoMaddz were in town as well for that night and made a very unexpected appearance on stage with a Wa Dis (Poo Puku) x Kingston Be Wise Mash up.

The "Jah know wifi" pose


NYC was very interesting, when we started off with a live radio set at Sirius FM. Along with an interview, it was interesting moving our huge buss through the cramped NY streets. After we posted up at Irving plaza and the surrounding area until showtime. There was a #blacklivesmatter protest around the corner at union square which made nearby NYPD frown, but it didn't seem to harm any of the crazy vibes inside Irving plaza as we filled both floors to the brim. was quite the energy


woke up on the festival grounds for the first Merryland Music Festival in DC. A basketball sized arena. Where we played a short and spicy set. Highlight of this show was the suuuper fast wifi, fire catering, and the free back massage from Kat. 

Big up Taj Francis three time


Quebec was pretty memorable and outstanding. Took a while for me to really understand that they spoke french. it's just really weird to know you're in North America, but everything looks and sounds like Europe. Surprisingly enough the crowd was very turnt and knew songs word for word. Pretty memorable show and beautiful city (looks like gotham) and great people.

That's how Protoje x Indiggnation Shell show
(P.s. Quebec looks like Gotham)