Throwback Feature: "Who Knows" Music Video BTS

One of the earliest works I did with Protoje, before creative directing for him, was a BTS feature for the music video for the first single off Ancient Future; "Who Knows". Working with Nickii Kane for the first time we were tasked with covering both a photography and video aspect of what was going on over the 2-Day shoot process. 

At the time, I was still just learning how powerful social media was, so a lot of these images didn't see the light of day (at Least on my channels). I happened across them while doing some backing up of old data, and while the images are only JPEG (cringes), I still think aesthetically, and historically they are worth seeing, So I edited them over.

"Who Knows" was Directed by Storm Saulter, and has made crazy waves internationally, especially in the UK where it was playlisted on BBC 

Protoje and Chronixx reminiscing on old memories during an on the spot interview

I should also mention I was particularly favourable of the wardrobe and styling of the video

You can watch "Who Knows" here
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