Designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs, who are curious about learning the ins and outs of the creative industry from my unique perspective. Working as a creative entrepreneur with 10 years of experience, currently serving as creative director for Reggae Musician Protoje and his label, Indiggcollective. My particular experience is in making a living using Photography, Videography and Graphic Design. In this 1 hour digital one-on-one hour session, we will work together on your unique needs to help get closer to your goals for your creative career. Here are some common topics I have been able to best assist with:

  • Equipment Tutorial - I can help to explain photography basics and run through the camera with you and how to use it

  • Gear Inquiry - I'm willing to share information on the gear I use and how I use it

  • Portfolio Review - You can share any selection of your own images/video and I can offer feedback and pointers to improve

  • Pricing Tips - I can share my expertise in pricing and give you help on how to price your work

  • Basic Contract Review - I can assist in drafting a contract template you can use in photography and videography business

  • Website review - I can tell you how I set up my website and advice on how to set up a website

50 USD | 6500 JMD
Students with ID: 30USD | 4500 JMD
Payment Options: Bank Transfer (JMD/USD) or PAYPAL (USD)

Below is a scheduler where you can select the any of the available slots, (you can also indicate if you are a student, which then I will reach out via email for a photo of your ID), as well as your payment method. Payment is required upon confirmation of your appointment