A little personal | Multi-City Blog post

Blessings to all reading!

Been kinda falling behind with the blog itself since I'm working on the Vlog, trying to strike the balance (first time actively vlogging and blogging simultaneously while on tour), I don't know if readers who follow this, prefer blogs, or vlogs, but regardless, I still want anyone who comes here to still feel like there's genuine value in taking the time out to pree the blog. Side note; Thanks for reading if you do.

Last blog post was in sacramento in which we spent 2 days.. That's like a solid 10 days ago. Way behind. SO what I'm gonna try right now, is a photo essay from Sacramento straight to now (currently writing this post from the lobby of a Best Western in Billings Montana at 1:43am). I'll try to support anything that's not too clear visually with some words


We went to a Pop-up Sesh (A weed link up, my jamaicans), Saw this dude building Bongs, and Dab rigs. Dope

View from Inside my bunk

View from Inside my bunk

If you didn't know, I really, really love Sushi


Woke up one morning after leaving Arcata and it was just.. All snow.. shit was crazy. Took dope photos

Reno, NV

Bend, OR

Friend of ours, RIchard Maloney from Leafly, drove us around on our second day in Seattle (vlog for that coming soon), we went to Solstice Cannabis

Spokane, WA

Billings, MT

You're all caught up, If you're still here, thank you! I hope my photo essay was clear, or gave an interesting impression of what we've been up to. Also, for a more audio|visual experience of what's been happening, I do encourage you to check out the vlog, that i've linked below. Thus far the feedback on the vlog is far more than I expected, and it really motivates me to do more. I'm very interested in providing you with engaging content, so I'm very much open to hearing your opinions or what you think, both on blog and the vlog.

Thanks for reading! Bless up! Vlogs after the jump.