Da Outro [Blog & Vlog]

Finally completed my first vlog series on my youtube channel. 

It was certainly fun, it wasn't my first time shooting vlogs per se, but my first time really shooting a vlog for myself (or being the narrator). Walking around holding up a camera definitely does make you feel a bit self conscious (read: stupid) at times, but- you start to get used to it, and you get reminded people don't really care (or really paying you much attention) as long as they don't feel like you're filming them.

Knowing you have to release a vlog, every 2 or so days, motivates you to engage in interesting things that will enrich your videos. which definitely paid off in particularly adventures, like trying the upside down machine in LA, or heading up two mountains in aspen.

Unfortunately, the time I would choose to edit and try have the vlog uploaded, is usually the same time that I would use to update and curate my blog. So this on this trip, my blog kind of fell behind to facilitate my vlog. Personally, i'm not too upset about it, because the engagement and response from the vlogs exceeds the level of engagement from my blogs (the response has been really really crazy by the way), so I feel like it's a better way to connect with people and help share the experience - but I have a personal love for my blog, and writing down extended thoughts and opinions that I can't necessarily stuff in a video (I try to keep it entertaining).

Moving forward I still haven't figured out how the blog will function while on tour and doing the vlogs (Working on a new one now while typing this) but that's a work in progress that seems more entertaining to figure, out as opposed to being stressful.

I made a playlist of the entire west coast US tour vlogs, for your viewing pleasure- maybe you've never seen any, maybe you missed one or two, whatever it may be, they're all here below- enjoy!

N.B. Also after the jump are a couple photos that I never really got to either post on instagram or make a blog post about so I'm putting them here