Mishawaka Ampitheatre - Bellevue, Colorado

Apologies for the absence! These past few days have proved to be unexpectedly interesting as well as particularly lacking in the internet department.

Came to consciousness somewhere in Wyoming, one of many firsts. We pulled out of the Walmart parking lot and started our journey towards Bellevue, Colorado - a place called Mishawaka (hope I spelt that right). From days before we were warned that today's venue would be a remote location, no WiFi and no phone signal at all.

This prediction came true as the tour bus throttled up the narrow roads flanked by jagged mountain sides and babbling creek- the T-Mobile signal on my phone began to blink erratically as if sputtering the last breath before I saw "no signal".

The worst thing about awe as a lot of the readers of my blog may know, is it's terribly incapacitating. I stared out the window as we traveled the winding roads and felt the boyish wonder of just seeing something new. The close proximity to the draping mountains, the tall redwood trees, The river was clear till I could see the reddish brown rocks at the bottom and if I couldn't, I knew that was the deep water.

As we pulled up to the venue, I really couldn't help but feel some disbelief that people actually wanted to come all the way up here to hear some Protoje.. It was genuinely kind of amazing that Jamaican music had managed to seep into such a nook like this.

Crop on this Panorama is pretty rough, forgive me lol

The venue was two cabins with a stage in the middle, all beautiful red wood. Venue sitting atop firm rock and concrete that overlooked the river. It almost had the feel of a Native American setting

Personally as an air sign (lol not gonna be that guy) but seriously I'm pretty wary of water, once upon a time I was a good swimmer, but after almost drowning twice, I just never mended the once good relationship. Regardless I wasn't gonna let that stop me from at least getting my feet wet (literally just my feet)

The water was ice cold- people were rafting down in giant tubes and rafts. Felt like a setup for a lifetime movie, and I've seen enough where people drown. Ain't gonna catch me slipping (but seriously anyone to swim in that would cramp immediately)

To me what was a bit of a shame was the concert was at night, where all of the surrounding beauty became masked in darkness, the redeeming quality was the stage was well lit like a firfirefly in the night.

A final point worth noting is this show marks the start of our tour with Raging Fyah, so expect some cameos from them on the blog as we wrap up the second half of our north american tour

Before you go through the gallery: A quick reminder to check out this previous vlog we dropped earlier in the tour on the Indiggcollective Channel on Youtube. Currently working on the next Vlog so 1. If you haven't seen this one- check it, 2. Subscribe to the channel and look out for the next!