The Road to Pemberton

From Minnesota to British Columbia tok us a two day long drive- through some nowhere points.

Middle of nowhere in billings,montana

This very cool vintage RV i saw at rest stop!

Tour Bus driver; Tiny

Pemberton Music Festival is far up in the hills of British Columbia.. a place called Whistler (sp?), the venue is pretty much a valley situated between mountains, one of the most beautiful venues I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Mountains draping above stages, capped with the whitest of snow. - Magical

Some panoramic images of the venue before gates opened

Views like this made the long drive to the venue more than worth it. I really underestimated Canada. Its cleanliness, calm vibe and the friendliness of its people. The venue had 4 stages (I only went to three of 4). We played main stage  

For sure this was the most satisfying screen experience I'd ever have the pleasure of working with. The biggest screen I've ever seen (except the mainstage at Coachella (not where we performed))

Pemberton Main Stage

"So What about my picture!?" ..well sir here ya go!

SZA Performing her cover of "Come See Me"

Anderson .Paak live - sheer excellence. Excuse the angle- had to sneak the shot

This shit right here?

Another Panoramic image of this beautiful venue.

Thoroughly Enjoyed DJ Snake's set- during which a girl touched my dreads and told me I'm a rockstar.

All in all, Cananda's biggest Music Festival did not disappoint, really wish I got the oppurtunity to take in Acts from the days before, but I'm pretty content with the experience I got!

Before you check out the gallery below, Along with this blog we just released the Vlog of the past 5 cities we've been to in the North American Tour! - As you know the comments section is open for criticism, suggestions, comments and feedback! always wanna know what you think!