Shooting with Olivia

Wanted to shoot Olivia for the longest while! She lives in the Netherlands and is the bassist for Reggae band "The Dubeez". They played a festival that Protoje & The Indiggnation also played. I saw her backstage and told her we need to shoot, she told me sure. I kinda envisioned that it would be my next time in the Netherlands, but luck worked out that she came to Jamaica with her band to work on their album, around the same time I came off tour. 

So we got to shooting! Really love how the images came out, better than I had imagined
Thanks to Nickii Kane and Habibi (Travis) for handling lighting for me. Check out the images below!

Also! Check out the Vlog which has some footage from the BTS of this very shoot! (subscribe if you can 👀) | More importantly! Currently accepting bookings for shoots in Jamaica till April 8th 2017! so hit me up!